This past year, the world has faced an ever-evolving definition of the “new normal.” With more people receiving diagnoses of chronic medical conditions, questions are on the rise for what this means for patients. Is it safe for patients to receive treatment with potential Covid exposure in facilities bearing a higher risk? Will these elevated risks affect how patients currently receive their treatments? Are facilities using the correct protocols to provide a safe atmosphere for patients? Both providers and patients are asking these and other questions as we shift into our new normal, with hope on the rise now that approved vaccines are in place. What are some ongoing considerations for patients receiving infusion therapy? We, at Novella Infusion are here to provide insight on the changes we are seeing and the major differences between outpatient infusion centers and hospital infusion centers.

Infusion Treatments in Outpatient Centers

While many patients are accustomed to receiving infusion therapy in a hospital setting, outpatient infusion centers are on the rise and are becoming preferred option for patients, providers, and even insurance companies for multiple reasons. Here at Novella Infusion, we provide an at home-like environment with a calming atmosphere and friendly, experienced staff. Patients are provided blankets, snacks, tablets, WiFi, and comfortable reclining chairs. They are also offered free and convenient parking. During the current pandemic, our facilities are allowing patients the opportunity to feel safer by avoiding the multiple human interactions they may face at the hospital, and peace of mind that all treatment notes are provided directly to their physician’s office. Not only do outpatient infusion centers offer a more convenient and comfortable environment, but they are also favored by insurance companies and patients for being significantly more cost-effective than receiving treatment at a hospital.

Infusion Treatments in Hospital Centers

Patients have been receiving infusion therapy in the hospital setting for years. While some may be comfortable with this environment, others, even pre-pandemic, are seeking alternate sites of care for various reasons. Parking is often inconvenient for patients, wait times are much longer, rooms are larger with more patients being seen at one time, and the nursing staff often rotates or changes frequently. Hospital infusion centers are also much more expensive for the patient and due to cost, insurance companies are beginning to push patients out of the hospital setting and into an alternate site of care.


If your physician is recommending infusion therapy as a treatment option, let Novella Infusion assist you. We provide a cozy, welcoming environment for all our patients, and we have an experienced clinical team. Our team is committed to reimagining the infusion experience.


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